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We started Kid Lit HQ because we were having a hard time finding the most recent book and author videos (and had an idea that it might be cool to see a stream of the most recent kid lit videos on one dedicated site).

More about Kid Lit HQ: We’ve spent over three decades (combined) working in the publishing industry and have seen how useful YouTube can be, both as a discovery engine and as a tool in the classroom.

We’ve heard from teachers about how excited their students get for Book Trailer Thursdays—and we also know what a bummer it can be to upload a book video and not have it find its audience.

In the small but growing constellation of websites that champion children’s literature, we believe Kid Lit HQ is truly unique. We exist not as video content creators but as a search-optimized platform that amplifies books and authors, connecting them with a readership that’s increasingly relying on video to find and share their next reads.

We’re still new, but once we grow a following, we hope to run occasional features!

Whether you’re interested in partnering with Kid Lit HQ, adding a video to the site, or if you just want to reach out and say “hi,” check out the contact form below 🙂

The way the site works: we’ve compiled a list of some of the YouTube channels that post kid lit videos, and when those videos go live, this website automatically embeds them (and their description, which usually includes author and publisher links).

These embeds are just like YouTube embeds on any other blog or website — any plays your video receives on Kid Lit HQ count toward the views on your video… the purpose of the site isn’t to rack up views for Kid Lit HQ (we don’t even have an active YouTube channel), it’s really just to share and celebrate kid lit videos and the people who make them!

If you’re a published kid lit author (Picture Book, Middle Grade, or Young Adult) and want to see your video featured on Kid Lit HQ, send us a note using the contact form below! Please don’t be shy about reaching out if you’ve created a video and don’t see it on the site – we’re still new here and we’re not catching everything yet 🙂

More technical details: We’ve coded this site to be as automated as possible.

– We keep a rough list of active YouTube channels and this site embeds and shares videos as they’re added.

– The Kid Lit HQ Twitter account is a moderated queue that feeds from these automated updates.

– Featured images are also automatically generated (by search engines, based on the the title of the video).

– We haven’t figured out a way to make the FB and Instagram feeds automate, so those social presences are still a work in progress.

– Kid Lit HQ is still in development (this was a pandemic project and it turns out, these tube sites aren’t so easy to code… but we’re doing our best!).

Our hope is that by creating a site that’s more or less self-sustaining, it can continue to run and promote kid lit even when we’re not able to. We know how hard it is to get publicity or promotion for kid lit these days, so we’re hoping Kid Lit HQ will be a free and easy way to help fill that space.