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We’ve spent over three decades (combined) working in the publishing industry and have seen how useful YouTube can be, both as a discovery engine and as a tool in the classroom.

We’ve heard from teachers about how excited their students get for Book Trailer Thursdays—and we also know what a bummer it can be to upload a book video and not have it find its audience.

In the small but growing constellation of websites that champion children’s literature, we believe Kid Lit HQ is truly unique. We exist not as video content creators but as a search-optimized platform that amplifies your books and authors, connecting them with a readership that’s increasingly relying on video to find and share their next reads.

We’re still new, but once we grow a following, we hope to run occasional features!

Whether you’re interested in partnering with Kid Lit HQ, adding a video to the site, or if you just want to reach out and say “hi,” check out the contact form below 🙂